Tacho Required, Yes or No?

Hello all. my mate is considering buying an Mitsubishi car transporter. GVW is 6.3 tonnes, kerb weight 2.75 (not sure if that includes the ally body, fixed not tilt and slide). He feels that because it is under 7.5tonne GVW and under 3.5tonne unladen then it is tacho regs exempt, he doesn’t need a tacho fitted or to use one in conjunction with his business!

Im under the impression that anything OVER 3.5tonne GVW requires a tachograph to be fitted and used. He wont be doing recovery work, just delivering around the UK only, not into Europe.

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You’re right and your mate is wrong, if the MAM of the vehicle exceeds 3½ tonne it will come in-scope of EU regulations and a tachograph should be used.

Article 2 - (EC) 561/2006

  1. This Regulation shall apply to the carriage by road:
    (a) of goods where the maximum permissible mass of the
    vehicle, including any trailer, or semi-trailer, exceeds
    3,5 tonnes,

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Not only does he need to use a tacho but because it’s over 3500kg MGW he also needs to get an O-Licence if he’s using it as part of a business.