Tacho Question

I originally posted this in the uk drivers forum, before i saw this forum,sorry.

Just about to start a new job and first time to use digi-card.
I have not been driving for the last 3 weeks, which was on analogue tachos.
What would i need to bring with me, in the form of letter etc,. to euroland to cover me. or do i just need last weeks work analogue cards photocopies ?

You need to be able to produce record covering the current day and the previous 28 days. So if you start work tomorrow, Monday 7th July, you will have the record for that day on your digi card and you will need records going back to, and including, Monday 9th June. These must be the original charts, photocopies are not acceptable.

If I understand your post correctly you haven’t driven for the last three weeks so it would really only be the records for the week commencing 9th June. As you have a three week gap with no records it would be advisable to get a letter from your new boss stating you have just commenced work with them after a 3 week period of not working, that should cover you.

Thanks for that,
the situation occured as i was due the holidays from my previous employer.
Not so sure he will give me the original cards though.