Tacho question about using the ? symbol

Hi all. As I’m currently only doing occasional agency, I can sometimes go a week or more without any driving and just wondering if I can just make sure it’s on the rest symbol at the end of my last driving until I put the card in the next time I need it, even though it could be a while till I’m back behind the wheel or can I/ should I use the ? symbol.

Reason I ask is that although I might not be driving for some days at a time or even longer, I’m thinking the time in between is counted towards the average hours over 17 weeks? I’m not doing any other work at the moment as I’m still signing on - obviously declaring my pay to the dole office when I do work.


The time in between is not counted towards your average as its rest.
The reason for using the ? Is to show unaccounted time (for example if you’re using old wax charts which won’t register on your digicard) this would be the best option especially if you’re doing agency.
The rest symbol and the ? will not add time to your average.

Strictly speaking, if you’re doing other stuff (whether it be driving on analogue charts, non-tacho driving or non-driving work) in between agency driving days on a digi, it’s probably best to use “?” on the digi and keep paper records (charts, printouts or just diary entries) of all the intervening work. You’ll not get any grief from DVSA bods for doing it this way (although if you’re doing EU work - even very occasionally - you might need to reconsider this).

What the vehicle head records when your card is not in it is of no concern to you as you are not using it

As long as you record all your duties for the shift - thats it

Any other non driving work done in a week when driving under EU regs was done needs recording officially but in the UK the DVLA usually accept a diary record

Might be worth using a letter of attestation for periods while your not working. Should be able to find a suitable template online somewhere. Basically it’s a letter that states since you last used your card you have undertaken other work or holidays or no work that does not fall in scope of the regulations. Handy to have to show VOSA should you need to. Keep it for 28 days like a tacho chart and after that it isn’t required.

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