Tacho or not? or how? those in France!

Long time since I last posted… Computer blew and I couldnt find the site again!!!
Thanks to all those that helped…
We moved out to France in July last year and the move went well…

Now I am working on another project and wondered if anyone could advise!!

I am looking to buy an old Unimog (1972) and its GVW is about 5500kgs its a Fire truck at present and I will keep it very simlar (Remove the lockers and pump and fit a dropside body).
But here is the prob… I want to use it a bit for my own work (gardening, landscaping etc, this and that…pull a tralier with my tractor on)I

If I register it as a “collectors”, I cant use it to carry goods… so if I reg it as normal and put it throught he CT, do I need a tacho??
Do I need an operators licience?
I have a UK licience to drive up to 7500kgs

Will this just be a toy for playing in the feilds and lanes?


Haven’t a clue really, only thought that a Unimog would be classed as an agricultural vehicle.

Garden rubbish should not be classed as hire or reward

from what i know about a unimog…its it below 7.500kg so no tacho will be required…if its your own vehicle doing your own work then you are not normally bothered with…and as was already said…its an agricultural vehicle…

Never mind the vehicle Si, beware French red tape. If you are doing work for others you may have to register with the Chambre de Metiers as an artisan or something.
If you are working on the ‘black’ be especially aware.
A recent case of a satellite dish erector where he fell from a roof and spent several weeks in hospital was only not a tragedy because he was registered. If he hadn’t been:-

  1. The people he was working for would have been liable for the €24,000 hospital costs,
    plus, a fine of about €4,000
    plus, expelled and barred from France for 3 years.
  2. He would have been fined €1,500
    plus, had his van and tools confiscated,
    plus, expelled and barred from France for 3 years.

I knew they were very hard on ‘les noirs’ but never realised to this extent.
Scared the hell out of me and I will be checking everyone’s registration in future, plus the odd jobs I was going to do with my mini-digger are definitely off the menu now!

Just thought I’d mention :wink:

Best of luck with your project. Where are you by the way? Bet that Unimog would pull my digger no problem. :unamused:

Salut, David.

i thought you needed a tacho if gvw was above 3500 kg…i would check out what edf or other municipals do when they get vehicles of that type