Tacho Attestation?

I am starting back on euro work on 16/07/12 after a long break from it. When I was last doing euroland back in 98 we never used to tacho attestation so although I have an idea as to what its for I have a few questions from you regular drivers.

Will I need one to state that I have just started for my new company, so therefore have no tacho records for the truck (which is on a digi tacho ) ?

I will be driving the previous week for my old company as I work my weeks notice out but will be finished by lunchtime on the Friday so weekend rest wont be a problem, but do I need to keep my previous 4 weeks paper tacho cards with me although they are from a different company and truck ?

When I am back in the UK having my weekend rest breaks do I need to take a new attestation with me ? It wont matter if/when weekend as I will leave the card in.

My digi tacho will be a new one ( well renewed as my last one expired in 07/2011 but I have been on paper discs with my old truck ) will this cause any questions if/when stopped by plod ?

Cheers Paul

If stopped they will want to see the last 28 days activity,but mostly on paper tachos,they have only ask for the day before and the day they stop you,if that looks dodgy they will go back a month on anolugue.
You may need a letter from your firm giving you permision to drive the truck in europe.
No photocopies are acceptable over the water.
For the digi card renewal,i am not sure,some more clued up guys on here will help with that.

Basically #disclaimer-this is my own personal preferences before the “experts”, pedants, grammar and spelling police start#

You’ll need your 28 days previous records which will consist of your discs and attestations for rest periods/gaps. Also of course your digi card.

The attestation has a section on it that says when you started for your company, Paul. If you search it on here there’s a couple of versions in PDF or Word to fill in and print out. They must be typed with the exception of the signatures of you and your employee/company representative. :smiley:

Hope this helps. Well, better than picking and insulting which seems to be the norm on here theses days :unamused: