Tacho analysis questions

Haven’t been driving long (couple of weeks), & have a few questions that I hope someone can help me with please.

  1. When tachos are sent for analysis, I presume they are looking for violations etc. Is that correct?
  2. If so do they inform VOSA, or is it an ‘internal’ matter within the transport company?
  3. Is it correct I have to keep last 21 days tachos with me in case of roadside inspections?
  4. What happens if you can’t produce them at the roadside, but they are with company?

Thanks for any help.

  1. Yes.

  2. No, the info is protected by confidentiality clauses.
    I would expect that if the enforcers turned up with the relevant paperwork, records would be turned over in very short order, as legally required.

3.Yes it is, in short. You have to be able to produce your cards for 3 weeks, this week being one of them…
Any cards older than 21 days have to be handed over to your boss.

4.You will be liable for a fine, so will your boss. We’re talking, up to £4 figures here.
As you were not complying with the law, your company records are likely to be raided as well. After all, look at it from VOSAs point of view.
They stop a company driver. He isn’t complying with a pretty straightforward law. ie carrying a handful of cards. Why not? What is he trying to hide? If he’s got something to hide, what about the rest of that companies drivers?

  1. Yes
    2.No, it’s to cover the compnaies arse.
    3Last 15 days+current week.
    4They should’nt be with company, you should have them with you at all times whilst driving.

Any cards older than 21 days have to be handed over to your boss.

Because the 21 day thing can conflict with the carrying requirements VOSA now work on a 30 day return period.