Tacho 9 hour question

Hi folks a wee query, new trucks at work so new digi tachograph ive not used before im used to the idiot proof ones that count down your remaining driving time.
If say after 6 hours work ive driven for 3 hours and done other work for the other 3 hours i then take a 15 minute break is it correct to say that in the next 3 hours of shift up to 9 hours which will be the end of my working day i can either drive for another 90 minutes then must take a 30 minute break or if i dont drive for the full 90 minutes say i drive for 1 more hour(4 hours in total) i can then complete a 9 hour shift without another break.

First Scenario: Correct

If your driving time doesn’t exceed 4.5h in your 9 hour shift you must still take an extra 15mins to satisfy WTD regs - 6-9h = 30 mins break which can be two 15s. However, if you do go over your 4.5h, you will need to take a 30 as 15 isn’t enough to reset your driving time. Only a 30 will do that. You would then do 15 + 15 + 30, the second 15 technically being unnecessary. This is why it’s common to take a 15 then a 30, because you are covered under both regs. You can obviously take as many breaks as you want but this is the minimum.

Thanks for your reply ill remember that in future.

just to add a break must be covered either end with work of at lease 1 min. you cant finish on a break. ie
3 hours work 30 min break 1 min work end of shift = ok
3 hours work 30 mins break end of shift = not ok

in other words dont be tempted to dash back to the yard and have 15 mins break then pull ya card there has to be at least 1 min of work

You could pull your card, as long as you do a manual entry for the 1 min work in the morning.

you can but just complicates matters

Just to be clear, you can’t just finish Darren. It is a peculiarity of the rules that after 6 hours work (with a fifteen minute break registered), you can carry on working for a good while but you can’t just finish. You need to take another 15 minute break and work for a minute in order to finish (or 30 minutes in certain circumstances).

In actual fact you can be well over 9 hours work with only a fifteen minute break registered, as long as you register satisfactory breaks by the end of the shift. In the case of over 9 hours work, it is 45 minutes total, in blocks of at least 15 minutes.

Your given me a sore head lol.
I hope this is ok took a 15 minute break and then another 30 mins before my first 6 hours of shift i then worked for another 5 hours driving and other worked combined in all worked 11 hours i didnt recorded another break but obviously next day confirmed on tacho that i was on a rest since previous day.

That looks OK to me.
You have not worked 6hrs without a break, and have had 45min total so covering the over 9hrs you worked. I assume you did not go over 4hr30 drive in after the 30min break of course.
But only provided you were not working at night.
(I know! Summat else to consider) None of your shift was between midnight and 04hr00 was it? If it was you are limited to a 10hr work time, unless there is a workplace agreement. (which exempts you from this exception)
See your local pharmacist for headache medication if needed.

Provided as said you didn’t do more than 4.5 hours driving after or before your 45 mins break AND didn’t do more than 6 hours with out at least 15 mins break then you are fine.

the issue with having early breaks as i have found out to my cost is its easy to go over the 6 hour rule on the second half of the shift

what i am truing to say and maybe someone else can put it better

1 hour work, 15 min break, 3 hours work, 30 min break, 7 hours work.

a total of 11 hours of work and you have had the required 45 mins of break required for working over 9 hours however you have broken the 6 hour rule by doing 7 hours of work

I would highly recommend against that, not least of all because it’ll take longer than a minute to do the ME the next day: You’d need to record that minute of work then record your period of being on daily rest while your card was out - I guess you might not be well briefed on the now-being-enforced requirements for doing an ME to demonstrate you were on rest while the card was out.

More importantly, any suggestion of pulling cards for any reason will only raise questions, and will probably put you on a radar you definitely don’t want to be on.

As a newbie I’d suggest you ignore everything you hear about maxxing out timings, you’ll do better in your new “career” by staying comfortably within the limits for driving, working and breaks/rests.

Thanks for replys people, definitely didnt drive over 4h30m before my 30 min break which tookme up to 45mins.

You would have to to do a manual entry anyway to cover the lead-out time, so no more time consuming. However, I don’t like the idea of having a temporary infringement lingering overnight, so I would make my card compliant as a preference.

Honestly i don’t see the point in rushing back to the yard just to sit there for 15 or 30 mins for a break unless of course your falsifying the record and go home then claim a break was taken on the manual entry on commencement of the next shift. This would obviously be provable as your tacho wouldn’t match your time sheets.

Not 100% here but surly if you didn’t finish your shift with other work then the infringement would already be found when you downloaded your card at the end of the shift

I have had that instance this week - at some points of the day at ours at present it’s currently not unusual to have 2 or 3 drivers waiting for a unit to come back before they can go out themselves, so when my second run was cancelled rather than hold someone up for another 15+ min I gave the unit back and my paperwork with the second 15 and final finish time recorded, but didn’t make the tacho entry until the following morning.

Tachomaster did flag up the infringement for 24 hours as we download our cards daily, but was gone once all the data for that day was in.

How much of a break is deducted comes into how you play it to be honest.

Yesterday i started at 4am done my 15 minutes check hooked up then drove to delivery point, was there for 6am only to be told they don’t open until 7am.
So i took my 45 minutes break then from 06.45 put tacho back onto other work i was then back in yard for 12.15 pm i didnt exceed 4.5 hours driving but i recorded another 15 minutes break anyway did i need to take that extra 15 minutes.

Assuming that you finished work after that run then no you didn’t need the extra 15 minute break.

For the WTD the 45 hour break was more than enough for what would have been an 8 1/4 hour shift, and you never went over 6 hours working time after your 45 minute break so that was enough.

By the way, if you finished work immediately after the 15 minute break it wouldn’t count for the WTD so presumably you recorded some work after the break, not that it really matters in this case but…

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As @tachograph has said. No argument from me.

You were all OK up to 12hr45, as that is 6hrs from the end of your last break. A 15min would be needed then if you were to continue working.

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Cheers guys thats what i thought that i didn’t need the extra 15 mins.