TACH:TRAK Manual scan needed

Anybody still using one of these

Holy thread revival, where these things used before digi tachos became compulsory fitment. Think this thread predates even that.
Different times 2004, wages about the same though :wink:

Ihave had one for many years but it has now packed up the screen has gone

After 10 years struggling to run a new (unrelated) business, Im coming back to the real world and driving again. Got me old kit out and theres my trusty TackTrak, still works but Im [zb] if I can remember how to use it (one for the Davey product there).
Seems like Visect are no longer in Bristol and I cant locate them, so Im looking for someone who can do a scan of the manual for me. I dont want to ruin my previous HGV record of 23 years long distance with no nickings and need all the help I can get here.
Its good to be back in the real world again and the forums are a nice surprise, nothing like this when i started in 1969 or when I quit in 1995 (thats 26 years not 23, see, I need a TachTrak to help me add up!).
(Funny how I kept all my kit, must have known).
many Thanks


If it needs stars to get it past the censor, it’s not allowed. L. :wink:

Hiya Freebird and welcome to TN. Sorry I can’t help you this time but I’m sure one of the old codgers on here will know what a Tach trak is and help :wink: :smiling_imp:

Hi David5l thanks mate.
Old Codger eh, I’m not used to that, still think I’m 25, I can see that a bit of ribbing may materialise here :smiley:
Tach Trac is a drivers hours recorder, like the Davey one. I did consider posting on that forum but thought better of it as its competition.


I remember them :stuck_out_tongue:

To turn them on you need a pair of Doc Martens :bulb:

After standing on it and jumping up and down with your mobile in your hand.

You have to call Capitol Enterprises and say to them, I have sinned. Please send me an Hourguard :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I had a tachtrak and an hourguard is much better

Its like trying to cook a boiled egg with an alarm clock :smiley:

Commision to Malc, Please Davey

Hi Wheel Nut, whats a ‘mobile’, you will be telling me next that my 1985 maps are no good, there is a motorway encircling London and I cant have several log sheets hidden round the cab to suit certain circumstances to show the officers if stopped.
Ive got defensive, I didnt know I was old 'till i came on here :cry:
Hourguard eh, i will check it out, thanks.
Thats as soon as I can afford one, Im skint, thats why Im back, I heard its all changed since '95, drivers earn a fortune and illegal operations have been totally stamped out (main reason why I quit) :open_mouth:
On a slightly serious note about that, my old dad was a transporter driver in WWII and then drove Class 1 all his life, never an accident or a nicking, taught me all i knew (I used to drive the waggon and hitch and unhitch for him in Harwich Docks when I was 14). I even have ROSPA medals he recieved. He made me drive proffesionally and legal and I always did, by 1995 it was hard to find a company that didnt expect yoou to run bent, I never did but worked hard, other drivers didnt. One driver was eventually killed as his truck was badly maintained. and the brakes failed in a hill, he shouldnt have taken it out. That was the last straw, no corporate manslaughter, they got away with it.
Still, thats history I hope
While I am here, any (really) oldies out there remember ‘Ginger’ (my dad), he was well known and very popular, scouse accent always joking, died some time ago now (after he had to give up driving). I did meet a driver who was giving me directions on the CB in Warwick in about 1988, told me he knew my dad, we met briefly, shook hands, nice guy.
Dad drove for English Timber in 50s and '60’s then he drove for Spurlings (from Ford Tractor Plant), BRS Mortons and others in 70s and early 80s.
By the way, I never use 2 words when 25 will do :smiley:


I swore by Tach Trac :exclamation: … I DID :exclamation: … Each day I would stand next it and swear at the thing :laughing:

No, No :exclamation: Only joking, I remember they were suplied free by Fed Ex and when we were all made redundant we were allowed to keep them. I do remember they all had aVolvo dealers name on the back, why don’t you contact some dealers and see if they have any old ones with instructions lying around :question:

Hi Pat, I may be wrong but I keep thinking I know your name from somewhere on the web, you dont drive a Cougar do you?
TachTrac, I thought I was bang up to date you know, but since I have been on here Im discovering Im an old geezer, its been a bit of a shock! I just read about digital tachos, whats going on, there will be straps instead of rope and sheet if this continues.
Thanks for your reply, there is a Volvo dealer near me I will gve them a knock… I just cant get the thing to work properly, may have to fall back on the abacus.
Cheers Mate

Must be one of these you mean,

notice the pic is in black and white :smiling_imp:


try contacting these

also see if Mr Shep is still around, prob retired lol :smiling_imp:
trucknetuk.com/bbsuk/Forum21 … 00012.html

Hi Pat, I may be wrong but I keep thinking I know your name from somewhere on the web, you dont drive a Cougar do you?

My God :exclamation: Someone knows me :exclamation:

I don’t really know Mate, give me some more deatails, I drive a Focus Street edition as it happens, but not for much longer :exclamation: I am fed up with having no traction in the snow, … Can’t afford a Landrover Disco so it’ll have to be a Jeep I think :slight_smile:

It’s setting the tach trac up thats the real pain, setting each mode to the regulations needs the manual, once set up they are easy :laughing:

Visect the company who made the Tach Track were dissolved either last year or the end of 2003.

I know when we introduced the Hour Guard in 2002 I spoke to one of our customers who stated that they were having a hell of a job getting repairs carried out on the Tach Track as the company couldn’t obtain the parts.

I’m sure if you give Rodney a ring at Truckstop Supply Company (Roadpro) in Northampton, he would be able to give you a contact name if not a copy of the Instruction manual, hell, he might even have a tach track in stock that he could photocopy the book for you :confused: :confused: :confused:

Remember though, if you decide to Purchase the Hour Guard, Quote Trucknet after your surname and you get the discounted price of £22.99 inc P&P :wink: :wink: :wink:


Just so you don’t feel too lonely i will also confess to having a TachTrak!! I already know that the Drivers HourGuard is far superior but being the ‘tight Yorkshire Git’ that I am, I keep telling myself “This won’t last much longer then i’ll get a DHG.” Only thing is, it keeps going!!

I had a long stretch of not using it (I was not driving for a while) and when I came back to it I found it fairly self-explanitary. I’m sure I haven’t got a manual for it though; sorry.

Now if I was offered an even bigger incentive to trade it in early by some one…

:wink: :wink:

Now if I was offered an even bigger incentive to trade it in early by some one…

:wink: :wink:

Well we are working ona new one with USB capability allowing download of info onto your PC :wink: Hopefully will be available around July, is that enough incentive :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks to everyone for your help on this, leehellcat has kindly emailed me scans of the ‘user guide’ and I will be spending today and perhaps friday setting it up.
Thanks for the links David5l :smiley:
Cheers Pat, Focus Street edition eh, theres one of those somewhere near me (Billericay, Essex), it appears very suddenly and seems to get stuck to my Cougars rear end before flying off on a right hander, hasnt got past me yet.
Davey Driver, thanks very much for the information, you can be sure I will buy a DHG as soon as I need to.
How about a ‘Tach:Trak Owners Club’ then, it would go well with the old ‘brick’ style mobiles.

Well we are working ona new one with USB capability allowing download of info onto your PC

Thats very interesting. :exclamation:
I will keep a sopy oif the TachTrak scans here in case anyone needs a copy, I must look to see if you have a document archive on the forums to add them to. Any Admins advise.
Thanks again everyone.

Davey Driver:

Now if I was offered an even bigger incentive to trade it in early by some one…

:wink: :wink:

Well we are working ona new one with USB capability allowing download of info onto your PC :wink: Hopefully will be available around July, is that enough incentive :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The ‘computer geek’ in me likes that idea a lot, especially if it will be compatable with Excel (I am writing a spreadsheet for the purpose of managing the WTD). :open_mouth:

The ‘tight Yorkshire git’ in me is confused/dissapointed!! :wink: :laughing:

marcustandy, thats very interesting mate, be nice to know how it progresses.
I used to programme in the 70’s and 80’s, thats why i thought I would get into that line of business when I got disillusioned with truck driving in the 70s. Did Open University and Microsoft MCSE and started quite well in network support contracts, even contracted at the Home Office and Ford Research (which was great), company became Limited a few years ago.
You know the worst thing, the thing that shows the problem with this country. If I ever mentioned that I had previously been a truck driver all confidence in my ability went out the window, when I fixed a network fault that some other techies had been scratching their heads over, one turned round to me and said (and I quote) ‘How can you know how to do that when your a truck driver’! That is absolutely true! After that I had to keep quiet about my previous PROFFESSION! I did say to the guy, trucking is what I did not who I am, and a lecture followed regarding his ignorance.
Some people dont know what to do if they cant fit you in a certain criteria, they need stereotypes or their world falls apart.
I would love to see them try to cope with our job.
Sorry for the rant.

I get that (stereotyped) all the time working for this ‘company’!!