T P Niven

Founded in 1926 by Thomas Paisley Niven who used his life savings to purchase a petrol Ford lorry.
His first main contract was for the haulage of raw materials used in the manufacture of fertilizer from Palnackie Harbour to Biggars Mill in Dalbeattie.

Also in this times edition of classic truck .

A cracking article by David Bowers. She was restored early 2016 so we didnt get to many shows with her in 2016. Hopefully between us all she will get further travelled this year.

This is a link to a video showing her restoration.


And this one to a photo diary of the same.


New Milk Collection Units for T P Nivens Somerset depot.

Another few photos from the archive.

1956 Thornycroft Nippy ASW 674 Palnackie.jpg