T J Morris-Home&Bargain

hi all

had a chance to work for T J Morris/ home and bargain. any one know what pay is like shifts etc .?



Oh where to start !! Its the worst job i’ve ever done. When i say to an agency i don’t do "Home and Bargain ",they already know as there are lots of drivers who don’t do it.
You get loaded up on a bay, you go out to a delivery, they don’t give you a map as they don’t have any (well up till last year they never), they just say turn left at the station, pull rounf by the bus depot and left at MacDonalds that type of stuff. Most of their stores are in city/town centrers with no real loading bay so in all probability you just get somewhere near the backdoor , that could be in a car park about 100 yards away from it. YOU unload it all yourself, and YOU load all the empty rubbish back on and YOU shuffle your next drop about so you don’t have to pull all the rubbish off. The Home and Bargain staff will open the door and have a coffeee and a smoke whilst they watch you do it all. I believe its good money on nights as you do all that plus have they keys to open the doors yourself, so if you have an accident then just hope you have your mobile in your pocket and can reach it. Now you know why Tescos sell tins of beans for 36p a go and Home and bargain willsell you a tray of 12 for a pound !!
Most of their drivers don’t have to much on top but they are built like the proverbial brick ■■■■■■■■■■ Hope that helps.

So thats a no then.

So thats a no then.