T and J haulage Clitheroe

Anyone work for currently or worked for them in the past?

Just interested in the usual general stuff about them, what are they like to work for? Pay? What shifts do they offer? Etc etc etc


good tackle, and youll be expected to keep it clean

Like burnley si says ,new or newish tackle, Scanias and a few Mercs Very Very well kept fleet . Don’t expect to finish early come Friday but expect to wash your unit and trailer, Spotless. Use to tip trailers and do the odd day for them years ago when Ted ran the show, but now Trevor runs it and his brother runs the garage, (Both good lads) all units have 2 way radios in not sure about trackers?

Long hours, daily random whippings, people using your cup, logistical nightmare.

IIRC there was an issue with VOSA a few years back although I may be wrong in saying it was the company, but more the drivers.
Iv always found the drivers very nice and helpful - despite who I worked for at the time, and the guys are right - the kit is good and well looked after.

Is it just day work that they do or is it nights out etc as well?

All the lads iv chatted to from there seem happy chappys