Swift transport

Hi has anybody got any pics of swift transports seddon atkinson 401 or iveco turbostar ?


I can find a 301

The above was Max’s truck, he worked out of Boston then moved depots. Max was a regular at having nights out in Northampton depot and Friday nights in the Rifle ■■■■ in Duston with the rest of us. He was a German who was orriginally a POW but decided to stay in Britian after the war, he was a great guy and we thought the world of him, the truck was a pile of crap though :laughing:

Regarding the Iveco Turbostar, I seemed to be that I was the guinea pig when it came to demonstrators, every few weeks or so I would arrive fr work and find I had to use a demonstrator for a week then do a report for the company, this task had it’s downfalls, such as a week driving a DAF 2100 with the pulling power of a dead frog or a Ford Cargo which after the first run just to Crick and back I refused to take any further and insisted on the keys to my Volvo back.
The Iveco Turbostar was another, I loved it, it had a 350 engine which was quite big for that time and went lime a rocket, I gave it a very good report and they decided to get a couple, much to my annoyance they sent them to Boston :frowning: