Swift ....... need I say more?

Now I know I am probably the first to cast aspersions on anyone who names a company and its drivers for total ■■■■ ups such as Stobarts etc but this time Swifts have asked for it :laughing:
Sitting eating my McCrap in Modena service area monday morning and look up to see this Swift truck comming in … the wrong way FFS, he calmly slid up the exit road, stopped to let his wife and kids out then realised he was facing the wrong way and performed a million point turn to get facing the right way, I stood watching before actually going inside the building for a dump because his trailer was perilously close to my cab at several times. I actually thought about calling Swifts to inform them about the idiot, then thought better of it due to the fact that he had a family who were actually with him and didn’t want to be responsible for the tears form Mrs Idiot and the Idiot children so I let it slip and chuckled away for an hour or so :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Our hero facing the wrong way.

So what exactly is this then if it isn’t what you say it isn’t?

Swift have 16000 trucks on the road, so it’s likely that one or two of them will be muppets,

As a percentage of crashes per million miles travelled their CSA score is better than…yep… You guessed it, Foodliner :open_mouth:

Be careful before casting stones you sinner :laughing:

Ha ha Mark … I wasn’t casting the first stone mate, I know we have more than our share of idiots and I know that Swifts have a vast majority of good drivers, I was merely pointing out that everyone seems to complain about Swifts drivers and this one makes the point, CSA scores aside, I don’t think I know any driver stupid enough to do a sharp right turn and enter the wrong way up an exit ramp like this guy did :laughing:
If a Foodliner driver were to be seen doing such a manouver I am sure he would soon cease to be a Foodliner driver.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: