has anyone done any work for r swain & sons, if so, how do they treat drivers and what’s the money like?

Money wasn’t much cop, but they do actually treat you with courtesy and respect in my experience.

I only did a couple of shifts at the Strood yard, running upto Kettering. It’s still very much a family-run business as far as I know.
They rarely use agency, and have a positive attitude towards taking on younger inexperienced drivers to train them up as they would like.
That might make them like Stobarts in some people’s minds - make of it what you will.

There’s a member on here who works for them but I can’t remember his name. (I think he’s office based as I remember a post about them achieving the gold FORS standard)
Might be worth doing a search.

I would think main qualification would be an ability to rope and sheet.
regards dave