Suzuki axes ICE cars to meet ZEV mandates

The automaker will axe sales in the EU/UK of the Jimny, Ignis minicar & the Swace hybrid compact wagon to lower it’s emissions & prepare for it’s launch of their first electric EV next year.

Trouble in’t mill for Vauxhall too as Stellantis threatens to pull production out of the UK altogether over the ZEV mandate & says it will import less Citroën & Peugeot ICE cars into the UK.
Everyman & his dog could have told Stellantis that their BEV cars are way too expensive & would need government grants to sell them. It’s just a way of twisting the governments arm to cave in & offer grants.

How on earth does that suzuki electric monstrosity meet pedestrian impact safety regulations?

Meanwhile Stellantis has stated that it will close down its remaining UK operations if the government doesn’t back down on the ICE issue.VAG has stated a future commitment to ICE.BMW and Merc and Toyota and Italian manufacturers also refuse to committ to EVs.

Well at least it’s mostly plastics at the front: Elon’s cyber*uck, however…

Looks like JLR are following suit now & axing 5 Jaguar models.
The models are the XE midsize sedan, XF large sedan/wagon, F-Type sports car, E-Pace compact SUV and I-Pace electric SUV, a JLR spokesperson told Automotive News Europe.

You can still buy actual petrol engined Suzuki cars in RHD, including the new(ish) Jimny (which is a terrific thing). One slight snag: you have to move to Australia to do so.

Probably a good option-for the next 5 years at least!

There’s a huge push here backed by govt. legislation (no influence from car manufacturer lobby groups of course, good lord no) to convert everyone and his dog to EVs, subsidies included.

It’s not working.

The turning point will be the 1st January 2027 when the ETS2 kicks in & makes petrol & diesel overly expensive for the average Joe.
The Italian government is taking matters into its own hands & offering defunct Stellantis brands like Innocenti & Autobianchi to the Chinese automakers to get them to built EV factories there. Stellantis pee’d off the Italian government when it recently decided to build the new Alfa Romeo Milano BeV in Poland saving €10k/vehicle.

The reason for the low BEV sales is that legacy auto can’t make competitive BEV’s & their prices are ridiculous to say the least & double their ICE counterparts despite battery packs being 30% cheaper than 2023.

Those EU sanctions won’t save legacy auto either as the Chinese are already building factories in Europe to combat the tariffs, Something Mercedes, BMW & Audi cant do as they’re domestic but still have to pay the same tariffs as the Chinese for importing them back into Europe.

The question isn’t over the axed Jaguar models.
It’s level of committment to the ongoing product support and servicing for customers and owners of them to date.
The F Pace survives so far.Which is sensible for an irreplaceable SUV market that likes proper engines and proper seats to sit on and load space for stuff.
As opposed to sitting on the floor in a bucket and hips and back rightly complaining within 2 hours up the road.

MG/SAIC have just blown legacy auto clean out of the water & announced a lifetime unlimited warranty on the battery traction pack & EV systems.
The unlimited warranty roll-out is starting in Thailand with certain models first & comes with the car & not the person, so people buying a second-hand MG BeV will have no worries over the battery pack & EV systems.