Suttons buy Imperial Tankers

Speaking to a mate this morning who works for Imperial and he told me that when they turned up for work this morning they were informed that they now worked for Suttons! Nothing could be said earlier apparently as it had to be announced on the stock market first.

Not sure how it’ll affect the drivers, but the general consensus is that it will probably be a good thing for them.

Lucky him.

Imperial were part of Hargreaves Services.Sold to Suttons for just under 27 million pounds.

Lucky him.

Not really mate. He got sacked from Suttons! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the maoster:
Not really mate. He got sacked from Suttons! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh right:lol:

Does this mean Hargreaves are pulling out of tanker work :question: Didn’t they buy the tankers from S. Jones of Aldridge :question:

Suttons is a big company, I see their container tanks here all the time, actually drove for a few hours with one guy following me to a cider company in VT a couple of weeks back, the tank was full of Blackthorn cider :stuck_out_tongue: … hargreaves

Article from the local paper today

Yes Rustler, fairly sure they did buy S Jones Aldridge. Think that Hargreaves is really R & A Young of Esh Winning in some form or other. The original Yorkshire Hargreaves was sold off to Youngs & they adopted the Hargreaves name for the whole group.

The highways are once again going to be thick with the good old fashioned red wrappers proclaiming the famous heritage.
All we need now is a Gardner / Atkinson revival there and the good ol days are back.

These big firms just get bigger.