Sunday Beer

Is it me or does a Sunday afternoon beer taste way better than a beer any other day of the week?

I know it could be because I have to take it easy as driving the next day butttt… :laughing:

An easy Sunday afternoon in the pub having a natter with the lads over 5 or 6 pints before grabbing some tea has a great appeal to me, hassle free, friendly and done by amiable people.

I don’t drink very often but I’ve just opened a bottle of Old Rosie inspired by this thread. Seems to be working alright, might have to see about her mates later. Day off tomorrow

I like a few pints Sunday lunchtime home for about 3 and a nice roast dinner especially in the winter months.
Also a few beers Friday evening hit the spot.

I have downed a couple or threeish and due to slow down now :unamused: :laughing:

Now Friday is the evening for me, I love a chill with a single malt and no hassles :sunglasses:

Oh no, drinking on a weekend? Christ you’ll be rolling to work in the morning and a complete danger to all other road users. Please think of the children. I don’t even drink coffee on a Sunday in case I have a caffeine rush on Monday. I’m a right goody goody ya ken.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: burp :laughing: :laughing:

Sunday afternoon sitting outside the pub beneath the Tamar Bridge with the Union Flag painted on the front of it , supping a nice pint whilst me and misses read the Sundays , definitly the best pint of the week and sometimes the only one too :wink:

The best pint of the week is the 1st 1 when I get home on friday or saturday after a week away but the rest that follower are not to bad either