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Found this from mate on FB!

He’s got a hole in his tank

He’s got a hole in his tank

A flipping big one :blush:

That tank has been well forked…

They should of stuck the pointy end of that bollard in the hole,job done. :grimacing:

Get something to put it in stood there looking like ■■■■ !!!
To the right of shot looks like a barrier might have clouted that ■■?

bit of t cut will sort that

Judging by the broken/bent Armco post hidden behind the cone, he`s punctured the tank reversing, & swung the unit around without realising, & spiked the tank.

Trucknet CSI … case closed

Theres a picture which gives a better angle and CSI Pierre wins this round.

Whats happened there ,has it been charged by a rhino :laughing: :laughing:


Found this from mate on FB!

If the backdrop had been in a MSA, I might have suggested it’s just been bored through by a 22/7 door opener… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we seeing a change in trend here, away from Stobarts, and onto Downtons (as objects of ridicule) btw?

Theres a picture which gives a better angle and CSI Pierre wins this round.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

While were on the subject ..........* **Forgive me TNUK for I have sinned** *I have to confess that many years ago, I took one of Pete Ozzies shiny orange and white wagons from innastate at J29 to Batleys at Hull, and while screwing it around, I hit 1 of those wave style high kerbs in Batleys yard, creased and split the tank dumping the fuel all over the yard :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

I would of grabbed a big bucket and sponge real quick.
All that free fuel for my car…

Saves trying to syphon it out :laughing: :laughing: :smiling_imp: :unamused:

With a tank of fuel costing over £500, I’m surprised no one just grabbed a couple of buckets at least, and attempted to salvage something here. It’s got to be more of a H&S issue just to let it all run over the ground like that eh?

“It’s not my job…”

Won’t be getting his fuel bonus this month…

"You won’t believe this boss but while I was doing that tip at that RDC this afternoon, some people of Irish descent turned up and syphoned all the diesel from the tank and left a great big hole in the tank :blush: honest boss :blush: " :laughing:

The sad part is the boss might have believed him

wheres the dutch boy with his finger when hes needed