Stunning performance from Direct fuels

Recieved this email this evening:

Dear Customer,
We are Direct Fuels and are replacing Company Fuel Cards as your fuel card provider
Your Direct Fuels net diesel price for the week commencing 06/08/2012 is:

BP 113.80

Most kind of them to inform me.
What is most baffling is the fact that I am already a Direct fuels customer and my fuel price via text this week is 118.67. :open_mouth:

I think I can hear one hand clapping

i had 2 cards with Company Fuel Cards, a UK fuels card and a BP card

they have sent me 2 emails, 1 with the price for the UK fuels card and 1 with the price for the Shell card :unamused:

i have direct fuels bp they are a shower of ■■■■
if you use the card the week after the bump it up
dont use it for 3-4 week and they become the cheapest by far :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: