Stuck in a blockade in France!

As above. Been stopped by some sort of strike on the a26 at the Saint-Omer peage. Currently 15 hours into a double drive from Nice. Not impressed! :imp:

This came through from the RHA, though obviously you know about the first one…

A26 at St Omer, near the peage, and heading towards Boulogne.

A member reports the main routes between Calais and Dunkerque are all affected and currently blocked.
The dual carriageway off of the E16 down to Dunkerque Port is blocked at the entry roundabout

All major routes around Lille are Blocked

There are also big difficulties on ring road in Caen. There are 200 trucks blocking exit 15.

There has also been a report that the French oil refineries are being targeted by the demonstrators.

Brittany Ferries have advised their customers that there will be no vessels sailing from Le Havre or Caen, St Malo or Cherbourg on Thursday 19th May. Only Roscoff to Plymouth.

Guess thats all main routes out of Calais fubarred unless you go across country then . :question: :unamused:

We have been told Brittany ferries have cancelled a lot of ferry this week up to thursday

Bloody french. Starting tomorrow im doing barcelona to the uk, then straight back out to be in montelimar saturday evening.

Im hoping its all cleared up by then. But betting its not. … d-protests

says this week up to including thurs 19th :wink: supposedly :unamused:

So how will voting : In or Out sway peoples reaction to this then I wonder ? :unamused:

That is odd I thought EU looked after workers rights at least that is what unions who want to stay in EU say ( I might have read it wrong)

That is odd I thought EU looked after workers rights at least that is what unions who want to stay in EU say ( I might have read it wrong)

Socialism in action just like the high wage workers paradise of China and Norf Korea and the old Soviet Union. :smiling_imp: :laughing: :laughing:

Wonder what the reaction from the EU would be if drivers here did the same thing in blocking ports :question:

Oh yeah we’d get fined

I’m heading to the euro tunnel tonight, we’ve been told it’s not bad there and I’ve only got a short run to boulogne on the French side so hopefully it’ll be clear.

Not holding much hope, last time I got stuck in the stack for 20hrs…

After speaking to the Gendarmerie I found out that the theory was that they were just holding up the trucks (not cars busses motorbikes etc) for an hour and then letting them through. We were there three hours before we got through the peage! When they let us through they stopped the blockade of the peage and instead ran all the way from Saint-Omer down to the A16 at 20-25kmph blocking all the lanes with their vehicals covered in their flags. They were heading to the eurotunnel. At this point the a16 had been stationary for about an hour. Fortunately we were heading for the port and didn’t get caught in that blockage!