Struggling to get Job

Hi all still struggling to get steady work , can anyone help with suggestions on companies apart from A&d
Paid off 3 weeks ago & only had 3 shift in that time
I’m registered self employed too so just keen to get something in Glasgow or surrounding areas,
Able to do tramping , night shift , days & weekends


Try these three job search sites gumtree.eures and rapido or curries of dumfries another idea is to have a look at the vosa website that lists o licence details for firms in your area that you may have known that they existed and buy all the local papers and free advert mags like trade it as they have driving jobs or put an ad in the truck mags to offer your services it is free to place the ad.

Good luck mate, it’s nice to see someone who is genuinely trying :slight_smile:

Try the two driver teams that do over night to the pallet hubs.

Try rated drivers .com

Print off some decent CV’s and get in your car, plan your route to make the operation efficient and go knock on doors…don’t bother so much with the big logistics sites where the starched uniform won’t let you past unless you happen to be passing.

It works, i have my present job which is just about the best i’ve ever had by doing exactly this, and this is how we got jobs years ago, the company i work for have never advertised for staff, good jobs never are.

Good luck.

why what happend with A&D then Davy

Well let’s just say Owen that I got paid off reason not ( enough work ) that’s what I got told. Then less than 4 days pass and they start 2 new guys , that’s nice way to reward a guy keeping himself in right & never doing noute wrong just interested In earning my to keep roof over my family’s head & not prepared to kiss arse 24/7 But that chapter is closed now & hope that one day they will fall flat on there asses , getting paid off made me a week from bankruptcy so my feeling are strong they will have there day + wasn’t last in 8/9 month there, untouchable doesn’t exist no matter how much cash you have !!
Let’s have a guess you work there? As anyone else wouldn’t question y? Not a&d

Thanks for suggestions guys.
I’m getting steady work but keeping eyes on job front.