Stroke Tia.

Hi all.does anybody know what test you do when you appl for your Hgv license after you have had a Tia / stroke.cant find nothing barring a tread mill test for9mins.what other test do you do with that u go back to work. Thanks

Are you 100% you had a TIA. I collapsed a few years back and the paramedic said it was a TIA. Upon further investigation it was put down to Hyper Calcaemia caused by Hyper Ventilation.

Bit of a bloody difference.

Hi all, first time poster here, I’m interested in this question as 11 months ago I had a stroke at 52, thankfully I’m fully recovered now but I was wondering the same.

will the dvla contact me or should I contact them, what medical information will they need, will companies be reluctant to employ stroke victims,

Look forward to any answers. many thanks