Stralis nightheater

Been driving a few Strali, (Plural of Stralis■■?) over the last few days,and whilst stood waiting to tip/load,decided to warm the body up somewhat,and put the central heating on.

All goes well for about 5 minutes,and then it goes really silent,and doesn’t get that hot,unlike,say a Volvo.The digital thermostat is at full, (29 deg) but it still doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

And would you believe it,the manual is about as much use,as dose in a ■■■■■ house.

Am I missing something here,or is this just your typical Italian crap?


Check under the bit of bunk where the outlet is. When my various Stralii have done that it’s been because the trunking has come off the outlet so the thermostat is going by the heat in the locker. :wink:

If it isn’t that, it’s a knackered heater. A working one rarely needs to go above minimum even in the depths of winter with the roof open. :sunglasses:

Well I guess if anyone is going to know about it,it might as well be you Lucy. :smiley:

I have had 3 this week,and they’ve all been the same,and all 05 plates.If I get one tomorrow,I’'ll check it.It might also be a one I’ve already driven this week.

As a comparison,I had an 03 plate Globby today,and it was like gas mark 5 inside.Lovely.


The trunking’s only held on my a loose jubilee clip. It gets knocked off at the slightest little thing. Long term cure involves a screwdriver. :wink:

Oh, and gas mark 5 would mean it was screwed if it was working right. If you aren’t cooking and it isn’t the trunking, defect it.

The only other thing it might be is the internal electrics cutting out? In earlier models, press the switch with a battery symbol on it several times to turn them on. In later ones, turn on the interior light - although in those versions the night heater is on a seperate circuit so you can have it on whilst you sleep (obviously). Will enable all your windows/radio etc to work without your keys, but stop you leaving them on all weekend and flattening the battery. The electrics cut out after a few minutes, or when you lock the doors.

Oh god, I really must get a life. :blush:

Thanks Lucy. :smiley:

I’ll carry a screwdriver with me tomorrow,and if I get one,I’ll check it out.

I’ll keep you posted.

Is it a plain head,or philips screwdriver incidentally?


Flat, as far as I remember. It’s a standard jubilee clip, unless it’s been replaced.

you can leave the light on in the older ones as well lucy, best thing is to let the interior light go out and stab the battery switch 3 times, problem solved

Well in mine if you turn the night heater on the dashboard, its seems to blow hot air out then cut out and stops lol, but if you use the switch panel behind your bunk its stays on then cools down and comes back on weird. but the switch behind bunk only works when engine switchewd off, will not come on when engines running, only the one on the dashboard will.

hope that made a bit of sense, im confusing myself now lol time for bed night all…

steve :open_mouth:

Don’t you have to have the fan heater switch turned to full heat on the dash for the night heater to work or some such.

No. I think that’s Mercs.

Well,got a different one today,checked the under bunk hose,and everything was ok in that department,so set off on my travels.

While it didn’t get as hot as I would have liked,it still kept the cab at a fairly even temp,and I even heard it firing up as the temp got cooler,so it seemed to be ok.

But before I left the yard,I got talking to the garage chargehand,and one of the ones I had earlier this week,has been defected for not working right,so it wasn’t my imagination.I also told him about Lucy’s theory of the loose hose,and he wasn’t aware of it,but said he would get them looked at,if they started to get defected on a regular basis.

Which proves that women can be useful after all… :laughing:

(Tin 'at applied. :sunglasses: )