Stooooopid Roadworks M1 Northamptonshire

I was travelling along the A43 towards the M1 N/B and it was actually quicker taking the A5 Single Carriageway (At 50mph of course) than it was taking the M1 at 40-41.5 MPH

It knocked 5 minutes off my ETA and was a much less stressful route, straight up to J20.

Even saw some sad [ZB] Stobrat Spotters at the truckstop hedge :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I wonder how many more of these short cuts will emerge now we are able to do 50, making it near enough what we would do on a Motorway.

The roadworks are about 20 miles long, and they are rubbish, only downside is you bypass Watford Crap so you can’t run in for a McD Coffee :smiley:

Shhhhh or everyone will do it :laughing:

last week i went from Stansted to Northampton via J10 Duxford then A1198 do to Friday traffic at Cambridge. And was only 10 minutes behind i reckon, as i had my half hour at Brampton Hut as usual.
But at 4:25 driving usually there at 4:15 ish