Stoneridge digi tacho

just had call from to do a shift in a scani with a digi in it
has any one got any advice on how to use it
had trainiing a long time ago but we concetrated on the other make :blush: :blush: doh
all help gratefully received :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Same problem not trained on either! Read manuals and NO expert but work with Stoneridge. Basically its same as the other. Stick your card in and it will ask for last work time. Either alter the info its showing regarding your time or if its last time you worked just enter it. Then answer the usual questions such as where you are! Then it asks you for your start time so enter that then away you go. If you have used the siemans model you will work it out.
Not very helpful I know but I now use same truck so I put card in first thing when I get in to work, and remove it seconds before going home. Thus removing the need to alter times etc.

Try this thread for Paul’s detailed instructions on using a digi tacho, I don’t think they are Stoneridge specific but thay should help non the less.

Top Tip for using a Stoneridge.

Don’t do anything that might mean you need to do a manual entry.

Here’s the Stoneridge Digital Tachograph SE 5000 Manual in pdf format.
Hope it helps.