Stobarts assesment

had my assesment today…went well passed the assesment…nice truck took out a fh 480 with i shift…cab massive inside compared to our premiums…interview went well…was well happy with the pay and other bits and pieces…they said some one will contact me within week…

good Luck mate hope you get it. :slight_smile:

good luck i hope you get the job.

That’s the stage I got to.

Didn’t hear back for weeks on end, chased them, got told I should have had a letter saying no.

Daft thing is I was in on agency within a day or two :smiley:

Fella there was amazed I got turned down, he put me forward with a “hire him now” type note and yet they didn’t. According to HO they had so many time-served drivers applying for jobs they didn’t have room for newbs like me.
I can’t see it’d be owt else, got squeaky clean history and a clean license so a bit of an odd one - just told to try again in 6 months when maybe there might be more jobs.

Never did get any more feedback.

Shame, it was EASY work. Delivering to stores and RDCs.