Stobart buys TDG (Ireland)

Just been told that as of Monday i will be working for Stobart Ireland LTD!!! TDG Ireland sold to steady Eddie last week! What do you all think, will he bring in his own lorries and give us the boot? Can anyone tell me what he’s done in this situation before? Thanks.

myself i don’t see the point off booting you guys out because eddie stobart will have to look for more drivers won’t he so it wud be pointless kcikin the old drivers out and i doubt they would sell the lorries but sayin again i don’t even no what they have done with james irlam but you just have to take it as it comes

sorry didn’t make myself clear, i’m a subbie working for TDG Ireland. Seen two of his trucks early last week coming off the P&O boat in dublin so he seems to be willing to send his own men over. :confused:

well i dunno but if they have taken over than u might end up helpin stobart out or havin to find work else where cause i here that eddie stobart muck subbies around