STGO Regs - Tax & Movement Orders

Hi guys, I’m hoping you can help me.

I work for a nationwide plant hire company, supplying heavy construction plant that works on the railway (majority of which weigh 30+ tons). I’ve been working for the company for about 6 months now and a couple of things have come to light.

1 - Of the 6 low loaders (plated to 65T GVW), only one is taxed to special types. The five others are only taxed to 44T, yet still operate as Cat 2.

2 - Movement orders for said plant are non-existent. When this issue has been raised with the transport manager/CPC holder, he turned his back to was totally uninterested.

What I’d like to know is, what are the ramifications for the above offences for a driver should he/her be pulled by VOSA or the Police? Also, what is the penalty for driving over the reduced maximum speed limits whilst working STGO regs?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


If any vehicle not taxed as special types whether or not a movement order is in place for that journey the driver of the vehicle will be prosecuted as well as vehicles owner for every tonne over 44 tonnes although I believe if they want to really hurt you they can prosecute on every tonne over 38 tonnes

Make a call to Vosa and inform them of what is happening, or make a stand the next time you are told to drive bent and refuse, what can they do sack you? That would be an interesting case when the full details came out in the industrial tribunal !
Or keep quiet and be the one to lose your licence when its you are caught behind the wheel ? Thats your choices .
Nowadays its crazy to do anything bent there are far to many ways to get caught !

We all deserve to go home fit and well after a days work after being looked after safely and legally by the companies that pay us.