Steve Wright

Sad news to hear about Steve wright passing, Didn’t really like his program at the end before Scott Mills took over,
He had his time on Radio 2 but sad all the same

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Sorry never liked him even in the 70’s when he joined radio 1

But still sad to here aged 69

i thought he was a wrong un,he cleverly sidestepped that Saville enquiry even tho he was his sidekick in the 70s

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His hour in the sun was deffo the mid 80’s when there was a burgeoning set of discs to actually ‘jock’ (quantity rather than quality ). A lively music scene is crucial for SW’s brand of shtick but but as pop essentally died at the end of the 90’s he became somewhat culturally stranded in my view ,albeit still way superior and wittier than the current crop at rad 2.(not too tricky to pull off lol)?

I liked him in his heyday and he did infuse the dowdy (at the time) radio 2 format with fresh energy but Wogan and Tommy Vance for me.Shed a tear or two when those maestros checked out.


Did he do himself in?
RIP Steve

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Having seen how the BBC “protects its own” on a regular basis, I’m finding it highly questionable that his death is announced but nowhere is there any mention of why he died at (what I consider to be) a relatively young age. It’s just wall-to-wall ‘emotional tributes’ and taglines like ‘legend’ or ‘radio genius’.

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The main outlets are not hinting at anything unusual.
Doubtless other (anti)social media will be saying lots.

Although there will be over twenty unlikely causes mentioned, when the dust settles all will be focused on the one correct prediction of cause.
Unless it is natural causes of course when that is clear evidence of a massive cover up. See my first line.

Usually these things state “Died after a short/long illness”, or “in a tragic accident”, or “the family have requested the press respect their privacy”.

It is the complete absence of any qualifier that is so unusual.

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He died unexpectedly, so no cause will be given until a post mortem has been done as has to be done in all sudden deaths.

My initial gut feeling was a heart attack.

I’ve got to say I’m quite knocked back over the death of Steve Wright tbh.

I first listened to him on R.Luxembourg, was a big fan of his R1 afternoon show, then the R1 breakfast show, his short stint on Talk Radio, then his afternoon R2 show that started around 98.

Ok he got a bit stale towards the end on his daily show, but I still listened, then went on to listen to Pick of the pops up to.last Saturday in fact.

So basically since I started driving Steve has always been there on the radio in some form,.and as dramatic as it may sound it’s a bit like the death of an old mate.

I’ve been listening to an old R1 show of his from 1985 on You Tube, and you forget how bloody good he was in those days…check them out.

Anyhoo point is for what it’s worth, I for one will miss him on the Radio.
RIP Steve.

Horse for courses I guess, for me he was a reason to hit the “off” button, same as when Radio 4 are interviewing Rachel Reeves for the umpteenth time

Radio 4?..Rachel Reeves?
Your taste in radio is obviously on a more intellectual plane to mine.
I’m more your football shows and ‘pick of the pops’ and oldie tracks ‘golden hour’ shows (not to be confused with ‘■■■■■■■■■■■■■’ btw)
As for Steve Wright I was more Radio Ga ga than radio 4, and more Mr Angry than Mr Speaker.
I suppose that says a lot about me…lol.

Just as well I didn’t mention Classic FM :laughing:

Seriously though, I have broad tastes for in-vehicle-entertainment, I just don’t need all the “noise” of these zoo-format radio shows when I’m navigating the idiot-fest that is A1M first thing in the morning.

Last time I hit the button for Radio 2 (during on a weekday) I thought I was tuned in to Radio 1, Galaxy or Capital: wall-to-wall thumpy-thump dance music for young 'uns; comes as a shock when you realise you’re too old for R2 :laughing: Apart from Tony Blackburn’s Sounds of the Sixties Saturday morning show, still enjoying that

Mind you, the CD player contents (yes, my car is that old) sounds a lot like this:

wow classic fm has changed its outlook :laughing:

i very rarely listen to the radio but do occasionally turn it on in the small hours. Just hitting the seek button has turned up some gems on radio 1

Can’t say I’ve heard too much modern dance music for kids on R2 tbh.
After saying that there is some modern stuff I actually do like, but I tend to like most genres of music.
60s stuff?..mixed feelings, early 60s stuff is just pop pap to me, but later Beatles stuff, or stuff like Free for instance is ok, but Tony B tends to play the pap, so not for me.

It seems to me he just plays the chart listings from whichever year is on his radar that week, this week I was listening to Stones, Tom Jones, Monkees, Mamas and Papas, Kinks etc so not my idea of pap

Ok you single out The Stones, Kinks etc, but I still say the majority of early 60s ‘I love you and you love me’ type stuff is cack.

I prefer 70s and 80s stuff myself, ok admittedly a lot of pop pap amongst those erad as well, but we’ll have to agre to differ.

Moved into Century 21 these days, so it’s DAB radio in my truck.
Constantly flick between Talk Sport,.Heart 70s, Heart 80s,.and a bit of modern guitar based rock on RX.
As for R2, cant stand any of the DJs/presenters, anymore, maybe apart from Gary Davies ‘Sounds of the 80s’ on the I.player.

Sounds of the 70’s Johnny Walker on a Sunday afternoon or his rock show on a Friday evening is about my listening of R2 now as not keen on any of the DJ

Greatest hits on a morning fro Ken Bruce then Paul Gambaccini on an evening sometimes Simon Mayo

On a weekend Radio Newcastle for the sport