Stears haulage Faversham

Does anyone know anything about the above firm? They have a job advertised but I can’t seem to find a website for them or any info online.

Trucking Company
Address: Woodyard, Faversham ME13 0JX
Phone:01233 740686 … bcauyxgbAE

Their 2 vehicles, one of which was new, used to come into the main dealer where I worked 30 years ago. That far back I can’t remember anything specific, but the management were scared of them. They were fussy to the point of being pedantic and seemed to expect miracles to happen instantly; they are achievable but take a little longer. Whether this was just a haulier engaging in a bit of garage bashing or indicates a continuing aggressive attitude to all and sundry I can’t say; fortunately I never had to take any of the phone calls.

Been going a few years now, dont now how many trucks he runs. Some are left hookers on belgian plates in the colors of Vehelst from Oudenburg. Allways advertising for drivers in the local papers for flat work ex Purfleet away all week. His yard is midway between Ashford and Faversham on the A251.