starting class 1

i passed my class 2 over 6 weeks ago and since then every agency i have spoke to have said it is so quiet that they have no work available but if i had my class 1 they might be able to offer me something.
So i started tue morn every thing seems to be going fine,test on sat morn.
So any help,tips,advice would be more than welcome especialy on how to avoid those kerbs that councils seem to insist on installing at road sides :smiling_imp: (if it wasnt for them i think a lot more people would pass) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
ps if any one could point me in the direction of the people who are 60,000 drivers short :open_mouth: i would be more than grateful :laughing:

Not being one whose qualified to tell any one how to pass a test I’ll just wish you the best of luck on Saturday :smiley:
I’ve can’t help with your search either, drew a blank on that one.

Advice…don’t just hear the Instructor…listen to the Instructor, then you won’t go far wrong. Good luck for Saturday. :laughing:

good luck for saturday tommo :smiley:

Good luck for saturday tommo :smiley:

what type of dvice would you like.