Starting a map box

I’ve just had a set of the Phillips OS maps for £3.00 each retailing in the area of £10-00 or so each normally. Bought from a bookseller at Loughborough market - selling the new truckers atlas for £10-00 rather than the usual £15.
Also has a load of AA jobbies, the smaller ones he’s flogging at £2-00 per throw. Might be useful for someone in the area, failiing that go and have a shuftie around your local market and see what you can come up with. Thought it might be of some help to someone somewhere.



I picked up some A - Z’s from a local charity shop a few weeks ago, I did go to get rid of some clutter, but ended up buying half a dozen maps for 20p each.
Yes they are a couple of years old, but untill last year my main map was so old it did not show the A14 so nothing new there.

start with the major conurbations pref a-z then continue with the county atlas’s by philips…if you do serious (more than 5 drops in a town) multi drop then get town plans cos they are easier to read…when you are fully up to speed and got a few quid get sat nav

That’s my next move Hitch, I quite fancy the TOM TOM Go :smiley: .

Anyone have a TOM TOM GO ?. I must admit I’ve been looking at them on amazon, they look like good value for money.
My only concerns are height & weight restrictions.

quote=“shaun”]i just bought a mio 168 sat nav and pda all in 1 unit cost 350 quid at maplins, saves having to carry seperate recivers.

works straight out of the box and comes with

Mio 168; USB sync cable; AC adapter; stylus; car charger, protective holster; glass mount; quick reference guide; manual. and mio map software


only thing i need is the truckers map with the bridge heights, call me traditional!

When I did agency work I used to have all of my maps in the back of my car, but now I’ve gone permanent with one company I keep them at home, and they don’t get as damp as much :slight_smile: