Starter Motor for Commer TS3...?

A long shot maybe & apologies if this is not the correct place for this, but would anbody know where I might be able to obtain a starter motor for a Commer TS3 two-stroke engine? Or maybe the details of someone who could assist in finding one?

Any help would be really appreciated, Andrew.

Check rotation and pinion tooth count or you will be in trouble.

Ask tnuk 1970 commer.

Hiya dose it need rebuilding■■? my AEC starter jamed up. i firm near me just about renewed everything inside it for £60
2 years ago. it works fine now.

Give me a call, I have PM’d my details to you

Many thanks for all of your comments & suggestions Gents.

Regards, Andrew.

Go to any auto electrical dealer they will tell you the type,if you have the old one then no problem.There is a full engine for sale on e-bay they may give you details of the starter motor from the one fitted, worth a try. :slight_smile: