Started my class 1 training today

So as I’m sure some of you will know I’ve been really lucky getting work so far. I’ve done a couple of weeks in the rigids and this week is my class 1 training before going back to them next week.

I feel as though I’ve never driven an HGV before - even more mirror work, more forward planning and a different gearbox to learn. I’m gubbed…again. But artics is where I want to be.

Did a couple of U turns - 1 out on the road and 1 in a car park (in front a load of people) followed by a reverse park, not too bad. Then a proper drive.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to start it all again, will be uncoupling and coupling for sure (had a demo of it today).


best of luck Gareth :smiley:

Good luck Gareth :grimacing:


good luck gar,

Just noticed this thread how’s it going for you?

All the best mate

Hey Gareth
Just curious what gearbox are you learning to in your class 1 training? and not sure if you stated, but is it an Artic or a Drawbar combi?

Thanks for the best wishes guys.
I’m just back to the house following the test and I…Failed.

1 serious and 5 minors, nothing repeated. I started to pull out (very near the beginning of the test) while two cars were passing me. I was anticipating them being gone - lesson learnt, wait for them to be gone! Ah well, such is life.

I’m learning on a artic Scania R420. Really nice as well. Struggles with the traction control in the damp, but really nice truck to drive. Gearbox is a 3 over 3 with range change and splitter.

On the plus side I get to drive it again.



Sorry to hear that but you defo have correct attitude and I hope you are successful on your next attempt :grimacing:

Ah unfortunate mate, don’t stress about it to much though get yourself in for a retest ASAP while all’s still fresh.
5 minors would be a tidy wee pass score too, had you pulled up for stop/start exercise when u met cars or did you cross white lines into oncoming traffic whilst cornering? How did you find the reversing etc?

How’s the job going btw? What shift are you on? Lol

Good luck for next time .