Start my first job Monday. (pressure on....)

Hello. Passed my tests in May but had a reasonable job in another profession so apart from pestering a few agencys for some suitable work for a new bloke i was happy to stay in my old job with a regular wage.

Seems the done thing to have a first weeks work diary here so if anyones interested heres my tuppence worth for the next week. :unamused:

Got fed up eventually of being told by the agencys “nothing at the minute, only odd days or a week” and i thought they were keen to get drivers after all the headlines and driver enrolement days in the local papers. So I called driver hire on the off chance (didnt use them initially at theyre not very local) that theyd have work.
What do you know, " register today and you can start an ongoing long term tempory contract on Monday". :smiley: Moneys only so - so but it seems easy work.

Its a vehicle hire firm so hopefully ill get some practice in plenty of different lorrys just driving them to the customers and bringing back the previous vehicle. Gotta be easier than loads of drops to corner shops or building sites.

Guaranteed 45hrs week, days only. Almost no weekends or nights, delivering lorrys and shunting in the yard plus “helping out…”.

Gotta start somewhere whilst i wait the results of the full time job ive applied for or something better paid (pleeeeease) turns up thats gonna last for a long while.

p.s. why is it that the agencys havnt got any work for weeks then as soon as you accept one job, all the others call you up with work. Seems that when you tell them your busy for a few weeks they get upset and want you to come back working for them. :question:

you take the job that pays the most :laughing:

Agreed. The job ive accepted isnt the best paid but its apparently for a far longer time than the other offers i was offered which seemed to be 2 weeks holiday cover work.

Im not yet confident enough (and the missus is a bit concerned) to expect to get regular work each week. Im looking to make myself very employable and be the first bloke the agencys phone at Christmas and not the last resort.

But yeah. Im working for the money and always have kept a look out for anything thats better.

One of the best parts of our jobs has always been that we get ‘out and about’ - every single day.
The best jobs are never advertised. You find out about them by personal recommendation, the ‘driver’s grapevine’, or knocking on the right door at the right time.

As for driving agencies - always, always remember : they need you 10 times more than you need them. :wink: :wink: