Start first job tomorrow!

Hello everyone i start my first proper (non agency) driving job tomorrow and i am just a little concerned about what type of gear box i may come across i trained with both a 4 over 4 box and a ‘slap box’ i think its called where you "slap the stick over to the left or right for higher or lower range.

How likely is it i come across another type i have no idea about and look a ■■■ from the word go are there other common gear box types or are they the main 2 for cat c ?

i will be driving a class 2 scaina thats all i know

help please ?

The only other common manual box is a 3 over 3 or a straight six (like a modern car).

You will however more than likely find a switch with R N and D. The autos are becoming a lot more common and even the heaps in the corner are often auto boxes.

if in any doubt ask to be shown , they will not look badly on you , better to ask than look a whally eh :wink: you may be lucky and it will be auto just look for a dial easy lol , I think rog put a sticky on here have a look at top of forum shows some gearbox set ups , but dont worry all will be fine you will get the hang of most gearboxes just got to take your time :wink:

Take your time is the key = less stress !

thanks everyone turned out to be a 4 over 4 box i did a couple off lessons with one of them before i switched trainers had a day long assessment drive which didn’t exactly go down how i would have liked but they had me back in today and out on my own for the day so i must have done something right. I was far more relaxed today out on my own it was a breeze without someone watching over me back in again tomorrow too so i think i may be on to something :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Well Done. Good Result.