St. Louis border

After a bit of information ,delivering in Zurich Sunday afternoon , been told the T form will be done on site of delivery ,only need to do tax at border ,can I get tax at the customs post where I will be going instead of where hgvs turn off ,or do I need to park up and walk and get it from the usual place in compound ,

What vehicle will you be in ?

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Have a fridge full load of chilled .

It’s over ten years since I did Swiss, but doing a TIR park clearance meant going to the border truck park and visiting the offices. They always put a wire(string) and plumb seal on the trailer.
Daresay things have changed but, if in any doubt: straight into truck park.
Never did any Sunday work in Swiss either, but did some in Germany. We had permits for that if I remember correctly. Not the same as France where a CMR was enough to prove perishable goods.

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I dont know about St Louies, but i went through Weil am Rheine last week, into the T1/empty lane, up to the German Customs stamp on T1 the up to the Swiss Customs stamp on the T1 he asked me if i had a card, which i repleid with no, he wrote on the T1 “New registration” and sent me into the Compound, went and got the Tax,drove to the Barrier at the end of the compound Guy looked at the T1 and let me through