Spell check

Please could the spell check be set up correctly for UK spelling not American English. Being a thicko my spelling is poor at the best of times but its doubly confusing when it throws out a word i know i have spelt correcttly

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The alternative is to download https://app.grammarly.com/ to your computer and phone, then everything you write is correct.

doesn’t grammarly check the grammar as well■■? not into grammar checks as i don’t understand what the hell they are on about and nor did my English teacher

i suspect the fact the spell check is in American English is because its the default as anything American is better right. only decent thing to come out of America is the Buick v8

Bet Carryfast hasn`t got Grammerly then… :grinning:

I`ve put in both color and colour, with no errors showing.

hummm i definitely get a spelling error when i put in colour is there a setting im missing?

Pot Kettle black?
Grammer ? :wink: :sweat_smile:

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@system what was wrong with me quoting stu’s link to gramarly

I dont think Ive touched any relevant settings.

Even if his posts were grammatically perfect, they would still be wrong! :grinning: