Speed Limits - please help

Last week, I believe I was caught by a speed camera on the A1 coming from Edinburgh. I’ve not had anything come through the post yet so I’m not sure if the camera did get me.

I was doing around 56mph in a 7.5t truck, the speed limit was 60mph. It was the single carriageway stretch just north of the Purdy Lodge.

I’ve searched for past posts on this site to find out what the correct speed limits are for 7.5t trucks and noticed that this subject has been touched upon a couple of times but no real definate answers are given for speed limits.

My truck is not limited but I tend to stick to around 55-60mph on motorways & dual carriageways unless a lower limit is in force.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the correct speed limits are for 7.5t trucks on different types of road?

Many thanks.

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Speed limits for your 7.5 tonner are as follows, - (unless posted lower,e.g. roadworks):

Single carriageway : 50mph
Dual carriageway :60mph
Motorway :70mph

You were exceeding the limit by 6mph and so may well be contributing to the local safety camera fund in that area you mentioned. :frowning:

The relevant speed limits for various (smaller)size goods vehicles are discussed on this previous thread from last year :

~ Even if you had been driving a Sprinter or even a Vito van on that day instead of your 7.5 tonner, you would still have been 6mph over on that stretch of road. ~

Time to slow down a bit, mate - who do you think may be getting the fine and 3 penalty points ?..your boss, or
you:angry: :angry: :angry:

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding Merc Vitos, are they still classed as a panel van if they have a total of 6 seats & extra windows (i.e. a dual-liner), and are they still restricted as such with regards to speed limits?

:slight_smile: A Vito with windows and seats is still a Vito !

Here’s a link for you :

(scroll down a little bit when you get there…)

:bulb: even if you were to argue to the nice policeman or the Magistrates that the term “Passenger carrying vehicle : Bus or Coach up to 12 metres in length” should apply to the Vito with windows and seats, the relavent speed limits would still be…

:arrow_right: the same (50 / 60 / 70 ) as I mentioned above. :laughing:

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Thank you very much!