Speed limits in Europe

I’m looking for a site with details of speed limits in Europe for vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg, I ain’t having much luck.

Any help will be appreciated.



120km motorways in belgium 130km in france on the motorways 90km on dual carriageways in both i think and between 30-50km in citys and towns depends on what the sign says… holland applys the same rules as the above as lux i think but dont hold me on it with that one

This link should take you to a page detailing all the speed limits throughout Europe.

Thanks to Brit Pete.

When in 7.5t
france and belgium is 110
holland is 80
germany is 80

But as a rule in 7.5t if you keep at 100k you will be ok. Except germany 90k max. (i have the speeding ticket).