Speed limiters on new cars came into force on the 7th July 2024

The RAC said that although the mandate does not apply in Great Britian, it is very likely that most new cars will be affected, because manufacturers are unlikely to modify new vehicle designs for the market here in Britain.

ISA uses a combination of GPS tracking data, satellite navigation, and information on speed limits of that roads that the vehicle is currently on. If the driver is travelling over the speed limit, the system can reduce engine power until the speed drops to the limit.

While previous regulations allowed drivers to turn the speed limiter off, ISA will be enabled when the engine is switch back on, meaning that it cannot be permanently disabled in new cars.
What price a sports car if it’s governed to national speed limits.

A new era of intelligent speed cameras are to be introduced across Britain from today too 9th July.

It’s just the same technology as already fitted on numerous high end cars you can switch between cruise control, speed limiter, or automatic speed limiter.
The auto limiter is the best option for keeping your licence under our joke speed limit and enforcement regime.In which limits can change multiple times within laughably short distances.Or laughably low limits for road conditions like 30 mph on the elevated A 40 London Westway.