Spanish Transport Strike - UPDATE!

Ive just had a call from a mate down here and all the Malaga companies are getting there trucks home urgently as they are going to start the strike at about 18:00 hrs Saturday evening - 24hours earlier than originally planned.

The strike, certainly as far as Andalucia is concerned is INDEFINITE and nothing is going to be allowed to move until such time as the Government reduce (to a pro rata level of a year ago) the price of diesel.

This means that duty on fuel MUST be reduced to the point where we are paying the same per litre as we would have 12 months ago - and we aint giving in!!

is it just a spanish strike or are you taking hostages

I have to tell you that the mood down here is not a good one. To be honest my advice would be stay off the roads in Spain in anything other than a car.

The last time we went out about 4 years ago a few east europeans tried to strike break up in the north - there trucks were burnt out and they ended up in hospital, I beleive a Spanish driver also died unfortunately.

Please do not think that I condone violence but tempers will undoubtedly become very frayed very quickly with those who wish to disregard the protest.

I would add that normally we take our trucks home, but everyone is parking up in CTM’s or trying to find somewhere safe for their trucks - so as not to be wrongly accused of working.

is it just a spanish strike or are you taking hostages

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: so, what’s the chances of us reloading Zumaia on Tuesday?

Unless there is a dramatic change in the attitude of the Government and the strike is called off…I wouldnt risk it.

They tend to be a lot more militant up north probably the Pais Vasco blood in em!

Right some of you know me some don’t, I don’t post a lot but let’s just put some of the facts down.

Up until this moment neither Fenadismer or any of the other Spanish organisations have officially confirmed that a strike is going ahead.

Various regions seem to be saying different things.

In Cataluna for example it was supposed have started Thursday evening traffic is still flowing normally and none of our vehicles crossing the border in either direction have met with any problems.

Valencia is supposed to be starting tomorrow morning according to rumour control, we shall see.

The Basque region is holding a meeting on Saturday all though the majority of members are against a strike.

so as you can see the situation is far from clear, no one can tell anyone anything definite.

a further rumour doing the rounds is that the Spanish and French have both decided to go on strike at the same time, once agin we shall see, no one seems to know anthing definite, so whether any strike goes ahead or not is still completely up in the air.

I have 21 vehicles loading and unloading in Spain tomorrow so I hope their are no problems.

According to Fenadismer the strike is on.

Indefinitely as of midnight 8th of June . Additionally the French HAVE agreed to close their side of the borders into Spain at the same time.

This information was dated yesterday Thursday 05 June

Just as an add on whilst typing this I had a call from a mate heading south on the A4 about 100Km south of Madrid. he told me he has just been stopped by other drivers and been asked to go straight home and to support the strike - needless to say hes on his way home!!

Well it looks as though we were all wrong :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

Spanish TV has just shown sporadic actions around Barcelona area and in Andalucia and Galicia.

The Basque organisation have declared a strike as of midnight tonight

There is a map available on TVE1 showning the last known locations of road blocks and other action being taken. How often it updates or will update I have no idea at present.

And the latest news (In Spanish)

Basically it says that the The National Federation of Associations of Transport of Spain (Fenadismer) have confirmed the strike will go ahead as of midnight Sunday due to the Government failing to meet the demands of haulage companies demanding emergency measures to assist in the reduction of fuel costs.

The other major stumbling block is the Governments refusal to instigate a system of minimum rates - this is clearly aimed at preventing price cutting by large multi nationals, but also by east europeans. The next scheduled meeting is Monday 9th.


although there were some sproadic actions yesterday none of the 32 vehicles that we had loading and unloading in the whole of Spain met with any problems and despite the Basques saying that they were going to close the border and strike at midnight last night I still have 4 vehicles circulating normally.
Now it is just a case of wait and see what happens Monday morning.

Just got home this morning.ran down from Torreblanca to probs but there was not many trucks going up only a few but eastyblokers.Yesterday was murder in Barca,tipped ran up to France loaded and managed a clear run all the way down to torreblanca,nice.I MUST BE LUCKY…

I have had vehicles circulating through Spain all day with no problems. Monday should be interesting.

Ive just been for a drive up to Colmenar up in the mountains behind Malaga to see a mate and to be honest its eerie - not a single truck to be seen on either the A7 or A92, both of which are usually very busy with trucks even on a Sunday.

I took a diversion on the way home via the Cartama road and had a quick look in the CTM - its rammed with trucks parked all over the place. So as Vascoingles says, its going to interesting to see what happens tomorrow!!

just heard that a place called sax not far from alicante lorry’s all parked up blocking roads

so i won’t be going too portugal next week then?
watch this with interest.

my boss lives on the algarve, not too far from the border, apparently the bridge at ayamonte is being blocked too.

Radio 4 (and the world service) are both reporting “Thousands of Spanish truckers” on strike. Looks like today is the day for it to really get going.

No trucks moving on the motorways near Xativa. Between 830 and 930 saw 1 7.5 tonner

well its offically on, and fair play to them, let the hauliers in this country learn a thing or two.

will be interwsting to see if they get a result, i believe they will. The hauliers in he UK need to do the same thing if their plight is to be acknowledged but they dont unite which is their downfall.

It is worth noting that this strike is by the truck owners as much as drivers. over here we have a very large number of owner drivers, some with just one truck others running two or three. Interestingly the big companies are supporting the action too.

And I support them all, keep us informed of how it goes.