Spanish traffic lights

When the amber lights flash was do that mean. Im off on hols on friday and remember i was confused last time. Everyone was going thru so i followed but with caution.

as in france and other places it means exactly what you said

Confused me the first time I saw them too :laughing: I was first in the queue though and sat there like a moron for ages wondering why the light was flashing:oops:

When the light flashes orange you can proceed as long as the road is clear, so I just treat them as give ways.

Ta for that the spanish roads will now be a safer place :laughing:

Ta for that the spanish roads will now be a safer place :laughing:

ha,ha, a contradiction in terms.

just had a very,very close encounter with a car transporter on the n1 near vitoria, a pant changing experience.

I look on it as a way of the authorities clearing themselves of any responsability if you get wacked by a light jumper. It doesn’t give you the absolute right of way. :smiling_imp: :unamused:

I’m not sure if they do the same in Spain.
In most European countries, if there is a fault with the lights this is the default setting.
One road is considered as the major road and has no lights at all.
The road crossing is considered the minor road and has the amber flashing.
So, if you are coming up to a junction with flashing ambers, you are on the minor road and must give way to anything on the major road, ie proceed with extreme caution.
They also use this setting at night, on quieter roads.

On major roads in Belgium, there’s flashing yellow lights about 6-700 yards up the road from traffic lights, to warn you of the stopped traffic ahead. Confused me a bit too… Ah well, gotta learn sometime.

i think some of the amber and red lights coming into some spanish villages in the north are a good idea , slows you right down

I think the flashing amber “proceed with caution” are great idea. They have them in Thailand too.
What’s better? That, or as in uk, 3am, you’re the only vehicle on the road, park up at the red light for a good few minutes and watch, errrr… nothing go by!

I reckon the Spanish lights that change to red if you enter a village too fast are a great idea. “That will teach you you knob jockey” :wink: