does anyone no any companies in spain that take on english drivers

I work for a Spanish firm (MB Servis S.L.) out of Malaga and there are three of us Brits working there currently, also CITMA ( a coopertive in Malaga) has at least three more Brits and other north europeans. Additionally Campillo Palmeras in Murcia have a number of Brits too.

Most of us got the jobs by reccomendation from other drivers, but theres no harm going round some of the CTM’s or transport centres and banging on doors, here like many other places there is a shortage of good drivers.

try to pm vasciongles he knows it maybe

hi guys.just bought a place in murcia thinking of selling up in uk and seekin job in spain.few questions hopefully you boys can answer. do they expect you to run bent,many weekends away.time off after trips,tyre repairs change yourself or just phone call.dont expect wages to be the same as cost of living cheaper.have nie number etc .any views or comments greatly appreciated…

Spanish wages arn,t that bad, lots of fridgework near murcia, the company i work for are based madrid but i live Valencia,home every wknd normal life really.Do mainly Spain bit of france,but if i want can go anywhere in Europe.

thanks for the reply portacoches,seems pretty easy going over there from what you say,minds made up think we will be out there by this time next year. these things dont happen over night unfortunately. wife really keen taking spanish lessons already.can hardly wait to leave this country it is so going down hill

have we got any more info on wages night out money who are the companys that will take brits on. dont wont many nights out ilike nerja area so not far from malaga for traveling for work cheers ta

Normaly Spanish wages are made up of a basic nomina plus klms.If your not wanting nites out you will find local work doesn,t pay much.I live valencia region local work home every nite approx 1000-1400euros month,the job i do is all spain home every wknd but away in week,average 2500-2800euros month.(thats after tax).Possible to earn a little more but i,m a lazy bstd,don,t start till 010.00 monday and if i don,t get home till sat afternoon ,don,t start til tues…I have a few friends who earn 3800-4000 euros a month but thats wknd away the nxt at home,not for me.

THATS ALL I GOT :open_mouth:

thanks for the info on spain anymore would be welcome, still trying to find the bottle to do it and thats a good income to have thats better than i expected cheers ta