Southern Star

Saw Harry Monk today, at the roundabout before Purfleet, maybe going over the Dartford crossing or loading thereabouts, must say Harry, you don’t look ■■■■ all like your avatar.
I was in the petrol tanker alongside, trying to catch your eye.


Spotted him west bound in Stonehenge traffic! I was back in it 30 mins later :frowning:

Saw Harry too miss his wisdom on this site

Yet another thread which is destined to end in “tears before bedtime”. :wink:

He is lurking around. Just not posting much.

Saw him today aswell around 2pm at Jct 11 of the M25. Didn’t flash or antyhing like that, one because I was dealing with rapidly slowing traffic so I didn’t notcie till the last second, and two because no one on here has a bloody clue who I am lol. I will say the Magnum looks really smart “in the flesh” though.

I saw him twice in one week, think it was last week, Monday saw him on the A38 out of Plymouth and Friday on the M5. I too was disappointed, I expected a resemblance to his avatar lol

Saw you last Saturday afternoon, Harry.

You were A249 s/b heading towards the M2 … you were just about to hit standing traffic due to a minor little bump between a few cars.

I was on t’other side, Morrisons S’bne bound, gave you a flash and a wave, but think I left it too late. :slight_smile:

I expected a resemblance to his avatar lol

Bloody 'ell, no wonder I never see him - I am looking for someone who does look like his avatar.