Southampton to radicatel ferry

has anyone got ant photos of the ship that used to run from Southampton (berth 44 I think) to Radicatel port , or even the name of the shipping line, I thought it was channel freight or seaways ?

Good morning Hotel Magnum,
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Great bunch of chaps, someone will know for sure if you can give some idia of date, Harvey

Don’t know it myself but from link here … oses-down/

Looks like Channel Freight did run a service there for a bit. Going from that thread the ship was CFF Seine. … 80&bih=920

Southampton docks by the corn tower stores, is this what you are looking for 1984, Buzzer.

well done buzzer and njl that looks like it, it did not run for long and I was told at one time two ships were used, quite an old boat but food and beds were fine, I ran out of Bristol when we used channel freight, Poole before and after channel then when Poole cut the neq amount we started using Harwich to Cuxhaven. Re the Southampton boys I never come across any I knew of although I did run out of Portsmouth on the scac trailers in the 80s and like every thing else these days I can see the faces but no idea of their names, and I only seem to remember the good times and funny bits, I look on the forums and some nicknames click in but then I cannot see the face, still I now have another photo to add on my collection for when I cant remember any of it, cheers alan.

Had three trucks running out of Pompey in the early 80’s on for RH&D on SCAC trailers but also worked for SCAC out of Southampton as well then when the port expanded in Pompy they moved there, remember Annie In the office who dished out the work, cheers Buzzer. ( Davies International )

i was on for noels at the time,I remember the work bags being under the stairs, the waiting about for the trailers to clear customs which could be in the middle of the night, the very helpful spanner man that looked after the trailers from his van (I had to use him a few times as the electrics on the berliet were not the best), the lost trailers that were down the triangle and trying to wash the security guard with the water off the trailers, washing the trailers plus a few quid to get the unit done at the bus depot by the lido, the mad crane driver at stocksbridge steel plant Sheffield that dropped some red hot billets that bounced off the side of the trailer and set fire to the wooden chock store, the Chinese takeaway there that did lovely fish and chips (I could not eat the foreign stuff but love Chinese food now) how the shunters could back the trailers so the swinging under run bar went over the low Armco barriers, then you were going nowhere, the paper reels topped just down one side so the trailer tried to turn over on the first bend, but alas not many people, oh and whilst loaded and parked at shefield in the snow on a hill the berliet did not have spring brakes so as the air drained away the brakes came off hearing the creaking and groaning as i slowly trundeld down the hill out of bed in only me skidies grabbed a big chock that was wedged between the back edge of the fuel tank and the chassis and jammed it under back wheel, after that it was a permanent thing with added rope so as to reverse up a little and yank it out whilst leaning out of the window, no time for walk round checks in the morning got to get on,