Southampton - Portsmouth area jobs prospects for class 1 dr

Does anyone of you know what are the job prospects for class 1 drivers in Southampton - Portsmouth area for class 1 drivers?
Are there any haulage companies based in that area?
What types of jobs are there available and how easy/hard are they to find?
Thinking of relocating there, but not sure if I would be able to find employment.


Davies International,UK and European fridge work.
Maritime containers in the port.UK work.
Deben containers.
Plant Speed,heavy/wide load haulage.
Container Lift Ltd.
Pentalvers containers.
Lambert Bros Ltd.
Shears Ltd at Bournemouth Hurn airport.
Some homework for you.!!

A lot depends on what type of work you’re after mate. Can’t speak for what’s in Pompey and wouldn’t even want to be there! As normal for most big towns there’s the usual agencies claiming they are inundated with work. Best thing I would advise is get on Google and search for companies in the areas and phone, write or call in on them. Nine times out of ten it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

Thanks boys for your replies.
Forgot to add to my opening post, I’m interested in anything except containers and fridges, so I guess there isn’t much else left there to do.


That is Ferryspeed out of the equation,as they are a fridge firm in Portsmouth.
Can you afford to be picky in this climate?
Most of the work in that area is boxes and fridges.
But best of luck in finding something.
There is a Banana import depot in Portsmouth,by the ferry port.Maybe ask in there.

Hi I’m from Southampton if you look on the local paper website at under the jobs section there are quite a lot of company’s advertising. A couple are meachers, lambert bros, ace liftaway. Plus many more. Hope that helps.

TJ transport are always looking on waste

Thanks chaps for your help, will take a look at all suggestions to see what’s available out there.

tip when looking for work
by the sea Containers
in the country Fridges
near hills Tippers
near factorys Curtainsides

suprised no one has mentioned tesco in nursling