Sorting my life out - any help appreciated

So here’s the problem. I’m fed up with the job I’m doing (not the trade I hasten to add, just the job and the firm I work for). I’m sure there’s a reason for not ordering diesel since last Wednesday (other than he’s tight) but you can’t run wagons without it. I’m not going to walk out but I’m close to it. Only 2 days to go to Christmas finish. So what am I going to do after Christmas? Been thinking about this long and hard. As you’ll no doubt have noticed I’ve started getting a touch of Rhumetoid Arthiritis. It don’t half ache with the cold so I’m looking for a more salubrious climate and found one, it being New Zeland. I need £4,000 more in the bank plus my airfare then I’m laughing.

Now to the plan:

Is there anyone in the Leicestershire area who will weekend you in the UK? I want to work all the hours I legally can on hourly pay with nights out (ideally) but I don’t really want to do European work, to make the cash up to the mark as quickley as possible. It’d be nice to have X amount of time away then a week off (I have plans for that week off). I could then chuck the flat (rented) and dump all my stuff at the folks without actually living with them (which they’re quite happy abut funnily enough and so am I).

I’m wondering if I can do the above without European or weather I’d have to do it to get the three weeks away. Quite prepared to do four or five nights up the road a week as well (got to give a little to take a little).

Forgive my troubling you with my inane ramblings whilst I sort my life out. Must be serious thought, I’m stone cold sober:D.



Hi Ian,
If you need to raise cash pdq then you could do a lot worse than look for a firm that operates sweepers.

Trouble is you will need to learn the job and prove yourself before you get on to the real earners.

The other thing of course is that it aint every ones cup of tea!!!

If you do think about the sweepers Go Plant are quite close to you their head office is at Mount Sorrell.