Sorry boss , I won't be driving that!

Curry and chips from Immingham and a couple of bad pints last night mate ■■?


I think the fella driving the truck had a collision with a caravan and that was some of the contents from inside it !

Phantom Mark:
Curry and chips from Immingham and a couple of bad pints last night mate ■■?


Why the [zb] would someone do that? I feel sorry for the person who is going to have to clean it, unless its the mug who did it :slight_smile:

You would be suprised :open_mouth:
A lot of drivers (or Tossers rather) don’t give a damm about the interior or exterior of a truck, I have had people ruin the inside of my cab in te past just to spite me for keeping it clean,

I’m so glad that that picture doesn’t have a smell to go with it.

Please tell me that’s photoshop.


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I’m trying to imagine the acceleration needed to slap it against the BACK wall like that?! :open_mouth:

I thought mine was bad…

Guess something has come through the screen at some rate, or maybe projectile vomiting… :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

There was a guy where I used to work that threw up in the cab and just parked up and left it. They phoned him up and made him come back to clean it.

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I worked for a guy doing the continent a few years back . I went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks & came back to find he had an old fella working casual on the truck . He had a little "accident " one night . I came back to a rolled up duvet cover on my passenger seat containing the contents of his bowels .

Jeez no excuse for that!!!

Why should someone else have to get in and clean that out.

My boss said " has he ■■■■ the bed or just the covers ? " He didnt think it was that big a
Deal so i left his truck where it was & got
a lift home .

Dirty ■■■■ could of at least chucked the duvet in the bin!

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We recovered a foreign artic off the A1, driver got appendicitis and rushed to hospital. Artic dumped on the hard shoulder.
Inside cab was full of chunder.

That looks like a seagul or an owl has come through the windscreen.

that is taking in cab cooking to a whole new level :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
maybe he had to brake very sharply and the meal he was cooking went everywhere

I would imagine that the driver had just been told he was sacked as he was eating his take away and threw it at the roof of the cab.