Somewhere to park in norwich

i’ll be arriving in norwich around 10pm is there anywhere decent to park nearby, either truckstop industrial area or large laybys on a47.

there are laybys on the a47, there is thickthorn services at the a11 junction but i have a feeling you cant park trucks in there cos its not very big (i could be wrong!) i have parked on sweetbriar industrial estate off the ring road before without any problems, i believe the cattle market has gone now

hope this is some help

cant park overnight in thickthorn…cattle market is no parking…sweetbriar is best bet…

Sorry bit late, but just found post mate. Not short of lay-bys, but if you wanna park in city you used to be able to park by the sorting office. If you come round the football ground following the signs for Gt. Yarmouth, go up the hill and over rail bridge, then you have to bear left onto two-lane one way street. Half way up this hill there’s a left turn (i think it’s signed ‘lorry park’, take this and park is just on the left. It’s been a few years since i’ve parked there but still ok as far as i know.

… Lower Clarence Road, that’s it. NR1 i think.

When I worked for a well known fancy goods retailer,some of our guys used to park in the Norwich shop’s loading bay,and have a night out with the girls,but that’s another story for another day. :laughing:


thanks everyone. I never made it. Stopped at the anglia motel instead